play the part without paying the part

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

today's QPT

a bold, preferably big, piece of jewelry always makes a statement. remember to not add too much other jewelry...then it can get real gaudy

Friday, September 23, 2011

been gone 2 long

busy in baltimore city community college's fashion design program and prepping for stevenson university's bachelors fashion merchandising program. i'm so excited and so ready to pursue my dream. it's been a long time coming (23 years to be exact). started out at the former philadelphia college of textiles and science and didn't finish. never 2 late. be your own celebrity campaign coming soon. and have you checked out jcp's new call it spring shoe label by ALDO? tiiite!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


missoni for target today. they are having some website issues and im trippin. kanye to debut his womens wear line in paris oct 1. i always get a little leary when celebs get into fashion but kanyes always had a sense of style that i kinda like so im really interested in seeing what he has done. new york fashion week as we speak. so far a lot of color and fluidity. and patterns too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

today's QPT

a blazer makes any outfit classy and sophisticated. best place to purchase one: your local thrift store. i've found some as low as $4.98. whoopee!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

today's QPT

item of clothing you can't afford 2 spend cheaply on: a black cardigan...because it's a classic piece you plan on having in your closet for a long time to come and you don't want the color to fade

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

today's qpt

accessory you can't afford to spend cheaply on: a belt...because cheap ones break and you plan on having it in your closet for a long time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


i love it when designers we come to know and admire make their designs more affordable for us commoners. case n point: karl lagerfeld for macy's 8/31/11, versace for h&m 11/17/11, versace pre-spring 2012 for h&m online 1/19/12, and finally missoni for target 9/13/11-10/22/11. my stomach is flipping in anticipation. you can google it for previews of the collection

Saturday, August 6, 2011

today's QPT

wanna style the latest menswear season without breaking the bank?...pick up a pair of suspenders from h&m for about $10 and wear with your fave button down or white tee. or how about raiding your bfriend's, son's, father's, man in your life's closet and clip what he's rocking. i love the brown oxfords at payless shoe source and you can take advantage of their current BOGO sale. me myself i plan on purchasing a bow tie in a variety of colors.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my other fave place to shop

hey has anyone checked out lately? they offer many options: mostly in basics that are trendy. also they are the home of Liz Claiborne, MNG by mango, Nine & co, Worthington and call it spring by ALDO Group, among others.  it ain't your gma's store no mo... its your mamas and auntie and maybe even sisters store. check out my latest picks for the upcoming fall season.

i am so into pleats this season which is why I was immediately drawn to this dress (on sale 39.99). you can always opt for a wine colored or brown leather belt to make things interesting. the necklace is like that at 20.99 on sale, it's a steal. the booties (59.99) are on trend for this seasons animal print. if the price is not right wait for a sale or sign up for penney's email list for special offers. i chose this handbag knowing it might not match perfectly with the dress and/or accessories however i am a firm believer in shopping for handbags that can last a whole season. this seems to be that pick and it goes with the year's trend of messengers bag. enjoy

Friday, July 29, 2011

my new fave shoes

who says you can't look good in a pair of payless shoes. @ around $17 (on sale) you can't beat it. the tie die tunic is forever21 and lemon-green pants are metrostyle. the blue shirt is from old navy and the skirt is so old i can't recall where i got it from. it works. glasses: betsey johnson

Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i do?

it has occurred to me when i pass my business cards out that people are not sure what services i offer. this post will hopefully clear that up.
      i am an interpreter of fashion...i interpret what's on the runways and make it accessible to those folks who don't have gobbles of money to spend on for example a $2500 louis vuitton handbag. i translate what you see in high fashion magazines to more affordbale options for the common girl. i offer tips and advice to help you look like those celebrities, models, fashionistas we've all come to admire. i make it accessible.
i believe that we are all one and even though we may be in different income brackets we can all look our best.
in addition to that i am a seamstress.
 i have constructed
countless outfits,
prom dresses,
men's suits,
home decor,
children's wear
and 2 wedding dresses.
if you see it, i can make it.
that being said i am also a stylist offering you affordable options to look your best. i believe in inclusivity, not exclusivity.
i am currently a fashion design student at the baltimore city community college in baltimore, md. i consider this blog as a starting point in my creation of my career in fashion. i am not a computer expert by no i'm still learning, diligently i might add. my career plans include a website by december 2012 and budget fashion magazine by december 2017. i believe, then trust, it will come to fruition. i hope you will join me in my journey!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

today's QPT

instant interest: WEAR A BIG RING. u can pick one up at h&m for about 5.95 or check out your local thrift shop.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

today's QPT

want to create an instant hourglass figure? wear a belt. cinched at the waist or a lil above it creates an instant figure flattering shape and gives you style and sophistication on the cheap. pick one up at your fave place to shop or a street vendor 4 a good price-$5

Friday, July 15, 2011

todays quick pick tip (QPT)

everyday where something special to you and that gets attention-like today I have on a white fossil watch given to me by my special, special friend Aaron. whoopee!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

my fave place to shop

u might not believe it is the hospital gift shop. i know, i know you're saying (like my gfriend naomi) the only thing a hospital gift shop  has are gifts for sick loved ones and magazines and stuff. but let me tell you, you would be amazed what these hidden jewels tout. need a unique accessory? check out the hospital gift shop the next time you're visiting  a sick loved one. you can pick up something for yourself as well as you're loved one. below are just a few of the items i have purchased from the hospital i work in gift shop (managed by lori's gifts; they even have a website @ i purchased these items from $5-$12 and I always get compliments when i wear them. i wear these not with the matching earrings but generally with ball post earrings (gold, silver, pearl, colored)-this makes the jewelry look more expensive.

Monday, June 27, 2011

can't we all just get along?

we are all special. and we should not feel left out. that is why i am so happy that  the biggest fashion houses have included affordable fashion for us commoners. Missoni for Target (kudos 2 target for their fashion forward thinking) in stores 9/13-10/22/11 is one such campaign. i am so into the direction Ms. Margherita Missoni has taken her grandparents fashion house. it is so...accessible, wearable. she grew up in italy and currently lives in nyc which probably has influnced her ideas about the direction of Missoni. i cannot wait to see the line. i did manage to stumble upon some pics on-line and i wanted to share them with you: has pics of the ad campaign with some of the items available. check it out. Ms. Donnatella Versace, you know the striking italian blonde who is mostly associated with the brand, has announced a line for h & m available 11/16/11. no pics of that yet but i will let you know when i stumble upon them. in any case i am so looking forward to seeing what they have to offer along the line of wearability. i have always had the impression that versace was relegated to the rich and/or famous. can't wait 2 c

Thursday, June 23, 2011

who do? you do!

YOU matter is what I mean. mr. beckwith says the answer is you (to whatever question you've been asking). that being said i've posted my first pic. whoopee! i realized that i could not just sit around and wait to get better with posting pics; i just had to do it.this is my take on the latest trend this season and i hope more seasons to come: tribal-ethnic prints and mix-match patterns. believe it or not this outfit cost me approximately $65 including the necklace.
1. black flowered tank-about $17 at forever 21
2. green/black tribal print skirt-about $10 at local discouter Forman Mills
3. black ballerina flats (MIU)-about $20 at DSW, of course
4. green cotton tank-$5 at Walmart
5. tribal necklace-$8 at flea martket in Southern New Jersey
6. black woven belt-$5 at local wig shop

I love the play in colors and patterns. very unexpected and different and i got a lot of compliments. the best way to ground this outfit is adding black accessories hence the shoes and the belt. you can't go wrong. to dress it up for the office add a black blazer or cardigan.

Monday, June 6, 2011


i am just as fashionably inspired by the chick on the street as i am by the celeb in the magozine. im thinking maybe i should change the name to inclusivity. it's a spin on exclusive. sure there is a place for exclusivity but i want my girl to feel included. that she is just as worthy of admiration and respect. that she can be all she can be no matter what her income level is --------  through fashion of course

Thursday, May 19, 2011

too legit 2 quit

haven't been on here a while. been doing a lot of things lately, mostly really looking at what i want to do regarding my career. i def know it is with fashion, just not sure what it looks like. the vision is getting clearer however and i get the feeling that it starts with this. it starts with getting out there, no matter how basic it starts off with. the point is that i start somewhere. someone once said a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. so i am committed to what i believe my purpose is and in that committment i will make sure i set a date and time for this...ttyl

Sunday, April 3, 2011


i am not much of a follower of celebrities. the whole celebrity obsession we have in america is kinda sickening or at least confusing. sure i have celebs who i admire. i check out their style and such but that's about it. which leads me to the title of this post-worhty. i'm worhty of the same admiration those celebs get, right? i got just as much style. it's true; i am told that almost on daily basis. this is my hope with this blog: that the girl on the street, the girl that aint reached celebrity status, the girl i see on the daily, can see that she can be just as admired as that celeb in the supermarket tabloid or on tv. that she is just as worthy of the same admiration. i hope to inspire the common folk that they too can dress, style in a way people will admire them too. yeah i said it. pics will be coming soon. o btw got the dress form and it's fab. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

dismayed in bmore

i am dismayed when i look at fashion blogs. they seem to never be inclusive of those of us who don't earn over $25k a year with children and tow and maybe single too. so i'm thinking why can't there be a place for us to discuss fashion: those of us who appreciate high fashion but our wallets are not capable of stretching to that capacity. so i created this blog so we could share our views, our inspirations, our pics. i hope that you all are inspired by this creative exercise in inclusion. why shouldn't we be able to do the doggone thing too?

Friday, March 4, 2011