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Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i do?

it has occurred to me when i pass my business cards out that people are not sure what services i offer. this post will hopefully clear that up.
      i am an interpreter of fashion...i interpret what's on the runways and make it accessible to those folks who don't have gobbles of money to spend on for example a $2500 louis vuitton handbag. i translate what you see in high fashion magazines to more affordbale options for the common girl. i offer tips and advice to help you look like those celebrities, models, fashionistas we've all come to admire. i make it accessible.
i believe that we are all one and even though we may be in different income brackets we can all look our best.
in addition to that i am a seamstress.
 i have constructed
countless outfits,
prom dresses,
men's suits,
home decor,
children's wear
and 2 wedding dresses.
if you see it, i can make it.
that being said i am also a stylist offering you affordable options to look your best. i believe in inclusivity, not exclusivity.
i am currently a fashion design student at the baltimore city community college in baltimore, md. i consider this blog as a starting point in my creation of my career in fashion. i am not a computer expert by no i'm still learning, diligently i might add. my career plans include a website by december 2012 and budget fashion magazine by december 2017. i believe, then trust, it will come to fruition. i hope you will join me in my journey!

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