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Monday, June 27, 2011

can't we all just get along?

we are all special. and we should not feel left out. that is why i am so happy that  the biggest fashion houses have included affordable fashion for us commoners. Missoni for Target (kudos 2 target for their fashion forward thinking) in stores 9/13-10/22/11 is one such campaign. i am so into the direction Ms. Margherita Missoni has taken her grandparents fashion house. it is so...accessible, wearable. she grew up in italy and currently lives in nyc which probably has influnced her ideas about the direction of Missoni. i cannot wait to see the line. i did manage to stumble upon some pics on-line and i wanted to share them with you: has pics of the ad campaign with some of the items available. check it out. Ms. Donnatella Versace, you know the striking italian blonde who is mostly associated with the brand, has announced a line for h & m available 11/16/11. no pics of that yet but i will let you know when i stumble upon them. in any case i am so looking forward to seeing what they have to offer along the line of wearability. i have always had the impression that versace was relegated to the rich and/or famous. can't wait 2 c

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