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Sunday, April 3, 2011


i am not much of a follower of celebrities. the whole celebrity obsession we have in america is kinda sickening or at least confusing. sure i have celebs who i admire. i check out their style and such but that's about it. which leads me to the title of this post-worhty. i'm worhty of the same admiration those celebs get, right? i got just as much style. it's true; i am told that almost on daily basis. this is my hope with this blog: that the girl on the street, the girl that aint reached celebrity status, the girl i see on the daily, can see that she can be just as admired as that celeb in the supermarket tabloid or on tv. that she is just as worthy of the same admiration. i hope to inspire the common folk that they too can dress, style in a way people will admire them too. yeah i said it. pics will be coming soon. o btw got the dress form and it's fab. 

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