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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my other fave place to shop

hey has anyone checked out lately? they offer many options: mostly in basics that are trendy. also they are the home of Liz Claiborne, MNG by mango, Nine & co, Worthington and call it spring by ALDO Group, among others.  it ain't your gma's store no mo... its your mamas and auntie and maybe even sisters store. check out my latest picks for the upcoming fall season.

i am so into pleats this season which is why I was immediately drawn to this dress (on sale 39.99). you can always opt for a wine colored or brown leather belt to make things interesting. the necklace is like that at 20.99 on sale, it's a steal. the booties (59.99) are on trend for this seasons animal print. if the price is not right wait for a sale or sign up for penney's email list for special offers. i chose this handbag knowing it might not match perfectly with the dress and/or accessories however i am a firm believer in shopping for handbags that can last a whole season. this seems to be that pick and it goes with the year's trend of messengers bag. enjoy

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